August 2014

Active ImageUse it or lose it: Yes, it's true

Urology clinics have a saying: "Erections make erections." In other words, sex is not unlike sports. If you want to be a good tennis player, play lots of tennis; if you want to be a good lover, make lots of love.

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Active ImageMedical marijuana: What does science say?

Depending on whom you ask, marijuana is a dangerous drug that should be kept illegal alongside heroin and PCP, or it's a miracle herb with a trove of medical benefits that the government is seeking to deny the public -- or something in between: a plant with medical uses and drawbacks, worth exploring.

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Active ImageTrace amounts of bisphenol A won't harm adults or infants, review finds

Despite ongoing safety concerns from parents, consumer groups and politicians, a chemical used in baby bottles, canned food and other items is not dangerous, federal regulators said Friday.

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Active ImageHow to banish dullness, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles

Think birthdays are all that shout your age to the world? Unfortunately, your skin can make you look older than you are.

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Active ImageProper Exercise And Diet Are Among Key Factors In Stroke Prevention

A new study shows that five healthy lifestyle factors help cut the risk of the most common type of stroke by 80%.

The study, reported in the journal Circulation, tracked 43,685 men and 71,243 women. The average age at the start of the study was 54 for men and 50 for women.

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Active ImageHey Big Spender, It Isn't You - And It's Not The Bargain Maven Or Penny Pincher, Either

Your shopping style may be a window on your happiness -- and what you spend on may matter more than how much you shell out.

It turns out that the happiest shoppers aren't those who bag the biggest bargains, or those who spend whatever it takes to get the best items out there, or people whose wallets are gathering dust while they pinch their pennies.

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Active ImageStudies: 4 Commonly Used Moisturizing Creams Promote Tumors In UV-Exposed Mice

Our commonly used moisturizers promoted skin cancers in mouse studies.

Mice are not men. But the unexpected finding suggests that these -- and perhaps other products -- may not be as safe as they're thought to be.

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Active ImageStudy Shows Older Runners Have Fewer Disabilities Than Non-Runners

Regular running slows the effects of aging, according to a new study from the Stanford University School of Medicine that tracked 500 older runners for more than 20 years.

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Active ImageInvestigators have begun two large studies of stretching, asking about its effectiveness in much the way scientists might ask about a new drug or medical device. They’re actively recruiting thousands of volunteers to participate, in the United States and elsewhere, and randomly assigning participants to use the method, or not. That is the only way, researchers say, to detect the subtle effects that most treatments and exercise interventions might be expected to evoke.

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Active ImageTuna and Bean Salad

They lurk in every pantry: cans of beans bought long ago for a forgotten meal, now dusty and unloved on a back shelf.

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Active ImageExpert: Good Time To Take Step Back, Check Your Skin For Damage From Sun

It's the middle of summer, and perhaps you haven't been careful about avoiding the sun so far this season.

We all have to walk outside in the sunshine, some of us play sports outside, and others just lie in the sun at the beach.

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Active ImageBisphenol, Which Can Disrupt Hormonal System, Is Used In Plastic Bottles And Formula Cans

Responding to growing consumer anxiety, California lawmakers are considering enacting what could be the first statewide restrictions on a chemical found in plastic baby bottles and infant formula cans.

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Active ImageStudy Shows Lack of Energy Could Signal Health Problems Beyond Just Normal Aging Process

A study done by researchers at Columbia University urges physicians to take complaints of exhaustion among the elderly seriously.

There were 2,130 people in the study, which took place from 1989 to 1995. The average age was 74, and 20% of the participants were older than 80. The majority were women.

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Active ImageBrown Recluse Spider Makes Venomous Presence Known
Reports of Poisonous Spider Bite on the Rise, Experts Say

A 4-inch scar stretches across 6-year-old Barron Bowling's face, a road map to the venom that seeped through his cheek when he was bitten by a brown recluse spider last September.

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