August 2014

atrophicvaginitis220x160.jpgOne of the more uncomfortable and problematic conditions women might face, atrophic vaginitis. As menopause approaches, estrogen levels fall and the lining of the vagina begins to thin creating an easily solvable problem if dealt with early. For more information on Preventing and Treating Atrophic Vaginitis, click here.


Multivitamins Cancer, Heart Disease, Death

In recent years article have suggested that multivitamins may play a role in increasing the risk of cancer, heart disease or death in women. Is this true, should you stop taking multivitamins, not yet, for more information on Multivitamins Cancer, Heart Disease, Death, click here.

America's Healthiest Mall Food

After zooming from one end of the mall to the other, don't you deserve a quick bite? Of course. Does it have to be greasy fries, gooey cinnamon buns, or some other equally fattening, sodium-loaded calorie bomb? No way!

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  Eating Too Much Salt Can Be Dangerous!

You or someone you love may have a problem with salt. If it is you, than pay attention to the recommendations in this article. If it is someone you love, then recognize that you can protect them by going Easy on the Salt!, click here for more information.

Osteoporosis is a major health problem but many women are unaware of the risks they face and the problems these risks can offer up to them if they do not prepare for and prevent osteoporosis. For more information on what you should but do not know: Women Unaware of Risk for Debilitating Fractures, click here.

Study Finds Vitamins E and C Don't Reduce Cataract Risk in Men

Long-term use of vitamin E and C supplements doesn't reduce the risk of age-related cataracts in men, a new study finds.

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High Cholesterol in Middle Age May Not Raise Dementia Risk for Women

For years, doctors have been saying that keeping your cholesterol levels in check as you age is good for your brain as well as your heart, but a new study suggests the connection between cholesterol and dementia later in life isn't quite so clear-cut.

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child-abuse130x100.jpgChildhood Abuse Increases Risk Of Adult Diabetes

Were you the victim of physical or sexual abuse as a child? If so, you may have a 26 to 69% greater risk of type 2 adult diabetes, according to an article today on

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seasonalaffective130x100.jpg12 Signs of Seasonal Affective Disorder

The time of year is approaching that people may begin to experience the symptoms of seasonal depression, commonly known as season affective disorder with the appropriate acronym of SAD.

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Wandering Mind May Lead to Unhappiness

Researchers Say People Are Most Happy Having Sex, Exercising, Socializing, Mainly Because Such Activities Help Keep the Mind From Wandering

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One year ago a government panel changed the recommendations for breast cancer screening, from yearly to ever two years. Most professional organizations have disagreed with this and most have not followed suit. The question now being asked is where does this leave women? Should they change what they do, or should they stay with the older, more well entrenched, recommendations and continue to have yearly mammography?
ladyskin-1.jpgIt is now Autumn and the weather is turning colder and dryer, if you have dry and unsightly skin you will want to read this article. Along with fall and winter often comes dry, irritated and unsightly, skin. Now even though the worst of the winter you won’t have to suffer unsightly and uncomfortable skin. In the following article we will tell you how to banish dry skin and give your autum-winter skin care regimen a boost.
There are times when not feeling good is clearly caused by something we ate, the weather, or too much physical activity. But what happens when symptoms are caused by more significant health problem? When should symptoms not be ignored because they herald major health issues. Here are ten symptoms women should never ignore and why they should not be ignored.

Prevention Is Really An Act of Love

So you feel healthy and you want to stay healthy. What is it that you need to do to maintain excellent health and well-being? Certainly diet, exercise and lifestyle are important but equally as important is early diagnosis of possible life or at least, well-being threatening conditions.

The doctorsand media has been misleading women about Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for years, and they are going to do it again.

Brace yourselves, another round of misleading information about Estrogen and Progesterone Hormone Therapy is about to hit the media. Before you get upset, before you get too confused, don’t stop using HRT read this article, first before doing anything.


Experts: Alcohol More Harmful Than Crack or Heroin
Substance Abuse Ranked According to Harm to User and Society

Alcohol abuse is more harmful than crack or heroin abuse, according to a new study by a former British government drug advisor and other experts.

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Dr. Marie Savard Responds to Viewers' Questions After Oct. 19 Study Results

An ongoing Women's Health Initiative study released results last week showing postmenopausal women who took a combination of estrogen and progestin therapy had a higher chance of getting aggressive forms of breast cancer and may even be at a higher risk of death because of the disease.

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Getting Answers After HRT Linked to High Cancer Risk , click here.

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