August 2014

womanwalking130x170.jpgHere are 4 Secrets To Never Getting Sick

Ever wonder why you always seem to come down with a life-interrupting virus this time of year, while other women you know sail through the season sniffle-, cough-, and ache-free?

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happiness159x170.jpg5 Ways To Increase Your Happiness

I’m not sure why, but most people are reluctant to admit they would like to increase their overall happiness. Maybe it’s because in doing so, one also has to confront the fact that they aren’t as happy as they would like to be – a vulnerable admission.

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maturewoman127x170.jpgDoctors: Pap Remains Best Test For Cervical Cancer

Scientists advising the government say a Pap test is a good way to screen young and middle-aged women for cervical cancer, and it's only needed once every three years. But they say there is not enough evidence yet to back testing for HPV, the virus that causes the disease.

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mammography120x170.jpgBusted! 8 Mammogram Truths Every Woman Must Know

Do mammograms save lives? Of course they do. But is mammography the surefire "fix" for the breast cancer problem that many women believe it to be? Unfortunately not, says Dr. Laura Esserman, director of the Carol Franc Buck Breast Care Center at the University of California at San Francisco.

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sexmp-170x120.jpgDr. Donnica Moore discusses post-menopausal sex drive. A video form ABC News.

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