August 2014

illwoman170x150.jpgA recent study looked at post menopausal women to determine what role loss of sexual desire played in their life. It seems that loss of sex drive was associated with a decreased quality of life and increase risk of illness.

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breastself-exam120x170.jpgOver the past years there has been considerable controversy regarding screening fro breast cancer. Some experts say you should have mammographies other say that you do not need them. Some experts tell you that you should be doing regular Breast Self-Examinations, while other experts tell you they are unnecessary and can create problems for you.

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Melanoma-6-170x170.jpgOver the past few decades, the incidence of melanoma, one of the deadliest forms of skin cancer, has been steadily increased. The fact is, melanoma has become the most common cancer in women between the ages of 25 and 29.

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hipfractue170-160.jpgWhether you love your hips or hate them, a woman's hips are a vital part of her daily life. Keeping them healthy is important to her over all health and well-being.

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RecurrentBladderInfections-1.jpgAs a Holistic Gynecologist, I have to take issue with the latest issue specifically with a column by Dr. Donohue their Medical Columnist. Dr. Donahue’s column in the latest edition, April 17, 2011, was based on question by a reader regarding bladder infections, “Bladder Infections Are Bane of Women.”To read the entire article When Bladder Infections Are Not Cured, click here.
leakybladder180x140.jpgWhere's the loo? Excess coffee linked to leaky bladder
Study: 4 or more cups of java or 10 cans of soda a day may increase urinary incontinence

Women who down a lot of caffeinated drinks each day may have a slightly increased risk of developing urinary incontinence, a new study suggests. The results add to conflicting evidence on whether caffeine worsens a common condition.

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oralsex180x120.jpgOral Sex Linked To Head And Neck Cancers

Oral cancer used to be something that happened mostly to male, smokers over 50. Today, cancers of the head and neck are being linked to HPV, a main cause of cervical cancer in young people. The rise in oral sex may be to blame for this significant rise in tongue, tonsils and other oral cancers.

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dukendiet-180x140.jpgDukan Diet: Bad breath, constipation and sex appeal?

It warns of bad breath, constipation and fatigue, but the Dukan Diet also comes with a big promise - to make you thin really quickly.

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Doctor-1.jpgWhy see a Holistic Gynecologist instead of a regular gynecologist? In the past most women only thought about seeing their gynecologist either when it was time for the routine pelvic exam and pap smear or they had a gynecologic problem.To read the entire article When Do You See A Holistic Gyn? click here.
CaPills-Milk-180x140.jpgCalcium Supplements Linked to Increased Heart Attack Risk in Post-Menopausal Women

Millions of post menopausal women are using calcium supplements to protect them against osteoporosis. Are these supplements helping them or increasing their risk of heart disease. This is the focus of a recent study performed at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. To read the entire article Calcium Supplements and Heart Attack Risk, click here.