August 2014


Gluten Allergy Linked to Earlier Menopause

Study finds estrogen levels are generally lower in women with celiac disease. Women with untreated celiac disease may hit menopause earlier, and have a higher risk of some pregnancy complications, than women without the disease, suggests a small study.

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Older Women With Breast Cancer Probably Won't Die From It: Study

Heart disease more likely cause of death, researchers find.

Older women with breast cancer are more likely to die from cardiovascular disease and other causes than from their cancer, a new study finds.

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The discovery that many people with life problem or occasional bad moods would willingly dose themselves with antidepressants sailed the drug industry through the 2000s.

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iud138x170.jpgIUDs Officially Recommended for Healthy Women, Teens

New guidelines say research shows this form of birth control is safe and effective

A female contraceptive device whose reported side effects kept it off the frontline of birth control for years has been formally endorsed for all healthy adult women and adolescents by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

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farrah-ryanstress115x170.jpgFarrah Fawcett cancer tied to stress? Maybe, says Ryan O'Neal

Did psychological stress cause the cancer that killed Farrah Fawcett? Ryan O'Neal thinks it's a possibility.

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OsteoporosisSpineDecay-1a120x170.jpgOsteoporosis is a serious medical problem that affects a significant number of both women and men. Both woman and men can develop osteoporosis, and therefore both must take positive actions to first prevent and then, if and when osteoporosis does occur, to reverse it.  One of the main problems in doing this is finding the exact right information to help them personally.

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legcramp.jpgSince there is no single accepted standard medical treatment for nocturnal leg cramps a holistic approach may be of value for you.

If you have recurrent leg cramps it might well help to do some or all of the following:

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legcramping-1.jpgLeg cramps are an involuntary contraction of one or more muscles in one or both legs. They may range from only being slightly uncomfortable to extremely painful.

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Article by Noata Hashimoto, D.C.

From snake oil to mainstream, the vitamin-mineral and herbal supplement industry is here to stay. For most lay people it can be difficult to determine what exactly you need and from which source when there are thousands of companies to choose from.

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fitnesstraining.jpgArticle by Dennis Mason, B.F.A., C.P.T.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people want to get into better shape, but always seem to find reasons why they cannot. “Oh, I work all the time,” is probably the all-time number one reason given.

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swimmersear-1b170x192.jpgSwimmer's Ear Responsible for Nearly a Half Billion in Health Care Costs
CDC works to educate public about preventing this common ailment

Swimmer's ear leads to about 2.4 million doctor visits each year and is responsible for nearly $500 million dollars in annual health care costs, according to estimates released by CDC on Thursday.

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prayer-160x170.jpgMost of us have been taught that prayer can help us get what we most desire. New studies are now suggesting that it can also help us solve certain medical problems. One of the problems is high blood pressure and it seems that prayer may be a great help in controlling blood pressure and even lowering it when its high. The following video tells us more about this.

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10waysbp130x170.jpgPeople with high blood pressure (hypertension) often need several medications. But lifestyle changes can ratchet it down too, and maybe even eliminate the need for drugs.

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