August 2014


Attitude may play an important role in how exercise affects menopausal women, according to Penn State researchers, who identified two types of women - one experiences more hot flashes after physical activity, while the other experiences fewer.

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HealingWoman-170x170.jpgA national study shows that women are less likely than men to get at least 30 minutes of exercise per day, resulting in greater odds of developing metabolic syndrome - a risky and increasingly prevalent condition related to obesity.

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stressincontinence170x140.jpgA type of exercise called pelvic floor muscle training is effective for treating adult women with urinary incontinence (the involuntary loss of urine) without risk of side effects, according to a new report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' (HHS) Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).

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Fact or Fiction? Common Exercise Myths BUSTED

New client consultations always remind me of the common misconceptions about exercise that continue to be perpetuated.

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Would you like to have some simple, easy-to-learn (and free!) techniques at your fingertips to relieve stress?

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MetabolicSyndromeMan52x170.jpg"Guy walks into a doctor's office . . . " That's not the start of a joke—that is the joke. Men don't go to doctors unless they're in serious pain or really spooked about something.

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metformin120x170.jpgDiabetes drug metformin may double as cancer-fighting medicine. Metformin  is a workhorse drug for people with diabetes. It helps patients control their blood sugar and makes them more sensitive to insulin. But soon, metformin  may take on a new role fighting cancer.

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foot130x170.jpgYour feet can carry you far, approximately 5,117 steps each day, as one study shows. Kickstarting a life of better health doesn't require you to be a marathon runner, according to Dr. Weil.

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60minutessugar170x100.jpgIf you are what you eat, then what does it mean that the average American consumes 130 pounds of sugar a year? Sanjay Gupta reports on new research showing that beyond weight gain, sugar can take a serious toll on your health, worsening conditions ranging from heart disease to cancer. Some physicians go so far as to call sugar a toxin.

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60minutessugar170x100.jpgNew studies are supporting claims that sugar is poisoning us Sanjay Gupta reports on "60 Minutes." Also, nutritionist and registered dietician Cynthia Sass speaks to the "CBS This Morning" co-hosts about the war on sugar.

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60minutessugar170x100.jpgAmericans' Consumption of Sugar "Unprecedented"

(CBS News) The amount of sugar consumed by Americans today is unprecedented, and is contributing to heart disease and high blood pressure, a dietitian said on "CBS This Morning."

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