August 2014

meditationrelievingpain135x170.jpgIf you’ve been around meditation  for a while you know that it’s helpful with a lot of things. Emotional challenges, physical problems, and spiritual maladies are just some of the things that meditation can help provide both relief and insight into. The bigger question for most, however, is how does this alternative healing practice do it?

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Whether you are avoiding gluten to manage celiac disease or gluten intolerance, you may find your first attempt (or first 20 attempts) at gluten free baking to be a challenge. Not only does gluten free baking often require unusual ingredients, it’s also much more complicated than baking with gluten-containing grains (wheat, rye, & barley).

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A gene that seems to make females happy, but not males, has been identified by researchers at the University of South Florida, Columbia University, and the New York State Psychiatry Institute.

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overactivebladder107x170.jpgSleep apnea in women has been linked to overactive bladder syndrome in a new study. The research, presented Monday (Sept. 3, 2012) at the European Respiratory Society's Annual Congress in Vienna, has provided new evidence suggesting a connection between the two conditions.

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thinkthin170x144.jpgAre you convinced that your normal-weight frame is…well, fat? By thinking so, you could be packing on the pounds.

New research published in the Journal of Obesity found that normal weight women who perceive themselves as fat are more likely to become fat. In the 10-year study of 1,196 normal-weight teenagers, nearly 6 in 10 women who perceived themselves as fat became overweight (measured by body mass index) within the decade, while only 3 in 10 of those with an accurate body image became overweight.

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muffins140x170.jpgTo snack or not to snack? That depends on the snack. Done the right way (calorie-controlled, nutrient-rich), snacking can keep cravings in check and up the nutritional quality of your diet. But all too often some of the most common snacks—even the ones that seem healthy—are filled with salt, sugar, excess calories, and even harmful chemicals

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er130x170.jpgHow Paul Ryan’s Plan Could Change Medicaid, Medicare and Everyone’s Access to 24/7 Care

The proposed changes to Medicaid and Medicare by Congressman, and Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan will undoubtedly change the landscape of 24/7 emergency care. U.S. emergency rooms, with 123.8 million visits per year, are a staple in many communities, especially inner city and rural areas.

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bloodsugar130x170.jpgYou may be at risk for shrinkage in areas of your brain that have been linked to dementia even if your blood sugar is just on the high end of the normal range.

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Email Stress Test: Experiment Unplugs Workers for 5 Days. Slave to your email? Wonder what would happen if you had to do without it? UC Irvine informatics professor Gloria Mark was curious — so she recently led a study that separated 13 people from their email for five days and recorded what happened when they unplugged.

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The notion that Ancel Keys was wrong -- profoundly wrong -- when he was among the first to advocate forcefully for low-fat eating to prevent heart disease is evolving into New Age gospel.

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