August 2014

sleep-10-170x170.jpgSlide Show: Sleep better once you learn the lies behind the following sleep myths

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burnoutwoman130x170.jpgEmotional exhaustion and physical and cognitive fatigue are signs of burnout, often caused by prolonged exposure to stress. Burnout can cause negative health effects including poor sleep, depression, anxiety, and cardiovascular and immune disorders.

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muscleloss130x170.jpgNew review by International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) Nutrition Working Group examines role of nutrition in sarcopenia, with focus on protein, vitamins D and B, and acid-based diet.

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breastcancerdna130x70.jpgMedical researchers at the University of Alberta tested the DNA of more than 300 women in Alberta and discovered a 'genetic marker' method to help accurately profile which women were more apt to have their breast cancer return years later.

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newdrug100x170.jpgResearch led by Dr. Suresh Alahari, the Fred Brazda Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans and its Stanley S. Scott Cancer Center, details exactly how the Her2 cancer gene promotes the progression and spread of breast cancer cells.

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Do you visit Dr. Google more than you do your MD? You’re not alone. In the past year, about 35 percent of Americans have gone online to diagnose themselves or others, according to a new survey from The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project.

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exercise-couple-110x170.jpgNew research reveals that walking at least three hours a week reduces the risk of stroke among women.

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dryskin130x130.jpgThroughout the winter, excessive hand washing to prevent the spread of germs can leave skin extremely dry and itchy. 

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FatherChild130x170.jpgCan a father's mental health affect his unborn child? New research suggests it can.

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anger130x170.jpgCan losing your cool be good for you? According to a new German study, people who express their anger live two years longer, on average, than those who bottle up their rage.


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Memories2-170x150.jpgMem'ries: Where Did I Put My Keys? Walt Handelsman's Toons

Admit it: You've searched high and low for the eyeglasses that are already on your head; you've groped for the forgotten name; and you've had the mystifying experience of standing in your closet wondering, "Why did I come in here?"

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ALLLRLFormal902-1b.jpgIf you are anything like me, you are likely in a bit of shock and a bit excited about the arrival of 2013 and the New Year. In many cultures the coming of the New Year offers opportunity and challenges to change, to grow, to resolve past conflicts and problems and then to be able to move forward in life. The coming of the New Years not only opens the door to new opportunities, it now allows us to correct old negative issues, and then to start afresh and create either a new direction in life or firm up and solidify changes that you have already been made so that the coming year is even better than the past year.

My last year was terrific. Of course, it was not without its positives and negatives, its challenges and opportunities to grow and evolve. I spent a great portion of the past year writing and working on completion and publication of six books. Three were old books written in the 1990's but to renew them my wife Lisa and I spent a great deal of time reviewing and updating them so they are now current. Five have already been published as e-books on Amazon and Smashwords. Three will be printed and will soon be available on their own websites as well as a number of our other web sites and book stores across America.

As if this was in itself a triumph, not to mention enough work, we plan to publish at least six more books by mid 2013. These books will include our work on how stress, not just the common garden variety of stress, but stress occurring from our inability to resolve long term conflicts, are the cause of nearly 70% to 80% of all illness seen in medical practice. In When Your Body Talks, Listen! we tell readers how chronic recurrent stress, stresses that we often are unaware exists, can and frequently does lead to illness. What is most important is that these Stress-Related Disorders, are not just minor illnesses, but they are illness that can be recognized early and if treated correctly can lead to full reversal of illness and a complete cure of all their associated health risks. Even more important, and best of all, by resolving these unresolved conflicts we can stop and even reverse the process which has been set lose and if not appropriately resolved may lead to not just to acute illness or disease, but ultimately to chronic disease, life-changing disabilities and most disastrous of all, premature death.

In the last stages of editing is the sequel to When Your Body Talks, Listen!, When Your Body Talks, Heal It! In this book we take the information and understanding created in When Your Body Talks, Listen! and we use this information to stop, reverse, undo and heal illnesses that were once thought to be incurable. In both of these books we move farther forward than any other book on either stress or healing currently available. The goal of both of these books is not to just look at Stress-Related Disorders and the problems they cause us, but to look at them as a cause of illness, so that we can activate our many defensive and protective systems which our body has built into it so that we can protect and heal ourselves. So that we can take power of ver our body and learn how to direct these built-in defensive and protective systems so that they work for us 100% of the time so that we 1) do not become ill, 2) can heal any and all illnesses that take root within us.

We also will release a series of three books on an ancient Hawaiian healing system called Hunā which in Hawaiian means “the Secret.” When the missionaries came to Hawaii, they were introduced to a very sophisticated healing system which they totally misunderstood. In the mid to late 1800's illness was still a grand enigma to everyone. Bacteria had just been recognized but were still not clearly understood, genetics was not yet a part of medicine, and surgery was still at very best very primitive, yet, the Hawaiians were rarely, if ever ill. The missionaries concentrating on bringing God to the heathens entirely missed the sophistication of Hawaiian medicine. The Hawaiians, who for the most part, were unaware of the Western medical system and the meaning of their wellness, were put into a situation in which they were unable to explain what they did to create wellness and healing. This combination of events created an additional situation where those who benefitted were unable to teach what they did to create and maintain wellness and those that sorely needed this valuable information were unable to recognize a system that was in many ways light-years ahead of what they believed was the best available to them.

Since the early 20th century scholars and healers have studied the Hawaiian system, some have embraced it while others labeled it by a host of epithetic names such as primitive, shamanistic, heretic, even witchcraft. Yet, the Hawaiian system works and it works quite well, it also works in the 21st century as our New Year downs. In fact it is possible that when made a part of mainstream medicine, it may become more meaningful and important than ever before.

One very important aspect of Huna is Huna Prayer. In many ways much like Christian prayer, Huna Prayer offers individuals the ability to make contact with his or her personal deity, but it goes considerably farther as it offers a system, a formula, that can increase the opportunity and likelihood to get everything you want, need and ask for.

Huna is neither a religion nor a religious system, hence it not only does not compete with your personal religion, but in fact, will help you to understand more about your religion. Huna is at the root of most secrete teachings that form the basis of not only Christianity, but also Judaism, Muslimism, Buddhism and virtually every other religion. While outwardly each of these religions generally appears to have significant differences, Huna explains the root teachings in a way that allows the student and searchers to fully understand and hence embrace the true essence of their religion. Hence, Huna neither competes with nor is in conflict with your personal religious views, instead it adds to and may even help you better understand what many of the deepest teachings of your religion really mean.

In this series of three books, the first book starts with basic review of the New and Old Testament in order to demonstrate how they are influenced by Huna directly or indirectly. Even today many Hawaiians believe that Jesus spent time in Hawaii and studied with ancient Kahuna (the keepers of the Secret). While there is no solid proof that Jesus was ever in Hawaii, one only has to look at Huna in relationship to what Jesus tells us in the New Testament to recognize that these parallel closely to what Huna masters taught and what Jesus told his disciples. Only then it is clear that there is likely a meaningful relationship between Huna and Christianity.

In February 2013, we will begin a series of lectures and programs discussing and reviewing how stress leads to illness, how illness no matter its cause can be healed. In this series we will look at how illness starts, how it takes hold, and then the steps you can use to not only stop your illness where it is, but if you so desire reverse and eliminate it.

Stay tuned to our websites so that you will soon get a complete schedule of these programs, then come join us and heal your self.

Lisa and I not only wish you a happy and healthy New Year, we also offer to teach each of you how to make it the healthiest and most healing year of your life.