August 2014

Definition of LDT

Definition of LDT

Who we are now was not entirely dependent on what we wanted or desired. Who we will be is dependent on who we choose to be and the present and future actions we choose to take and the decisions we choose to make.


Each Person Is a Universe

Each person is a Universe within. We have a myriad of forces at work, internal, chemical, biologic, genetic, physical, real and imaginary. These along with our body, mind, emotional and spiritual aspects all exist in a dynamic interplay with each other. Add to this the myriad of external forces, our environment, what we have learned, our conscious and subconscious beliefs, our past experiences, our fears and desires, our family, friends, neighbors, relationships, school experiences, what is happening in our city, state, and country. Mix all of these along with the forces of our ego, our personality and our need to survive and you end up with an extremely complex situation, a human-being, a living organism, which ultimately could be either you or me.

As a human these forces act upon us day and night, in our waking moments, in our dreams and when we are still and in a deep sleep. Internal and external forces, we are all of this as well as the end result of our ancestral and species-related forces which have create us. We are never separate from all of our decisions and beliefs past, present, or future. We are also the sum total of our decisions and beliefs, our past, present and future trials and errors, our most distant and closest ancestors, their children, our parents and the world that surrounded them and now surround us.

We can only be our full and complete self - our highest and best self - if we understand all of this and if we know how to traverse the path - our path - to find and become our highest and best self, our true enlightened Self. 

LDT is a process of 1) understaniding the forces that act on us, 2) defining and retraining the body-mind to react differntly and process information in a more positive way, 3) learning from past experiences so as not to have to repeat the same mistakes without knowing what is going to happen and how to obtain the ultimate affect you desire.


* * *

LDT is one helpful way to find and get back onto our Path.

The Path to finding and becoming our Highest and Best Self