August 2014

Does LDT Help Everyone?

Does LDT Help Everyone?


Does LDT Help Everyone?

LDT may not help everyone who uses it. This is because everyone is ready for LDT. While clients are often brought in because of pain or suffering, not everyone is ready, willing or able to face their greatest demons or internal blocks. For many people these demons or blocks have been within them for a very long time. Very often they have existed from as far back as childhood. The conflicts that create these demons or blocks have taken great amounts of power from their lives, feeding on their energy, their willingness or ability to survive. People stuck under the weight of their demon blocks may be unable or worse unwilling to surrender to LDT. They usually will not fight or maybe cannot fight in order to free themselves from the power they have given to or have invested in these blocks and negative beliefs.

Long ago it was recognized that these so called "eating creatures" exist, but that they are simply parts of our personality trapped within us because of the conflict. They take on a life of their own and they want to survive as much as we do, and sometimes even more.

There are two primary Universal laws that may account for this. These laws are virtually indisputable: 1) Everything changes, and 2) every living (and possibly nonliving) being wants to survive. In human terms we talk about this second law as the "Survival of the Species," "Fight or Flight," or as the "Stress Mechanism." While each of these variations are slightly different, they basically all have one thing in common, every living being tries its best to survive. Without survival, there is nothing as in no longer having life. This is especially true if one has believed that there is absolutely nothing after death.

These eating creatures are the parts of our personality that undermine us, they attack us and they can cause us to become sick and even die. They want to survive at all costs, as we have previously pointed out, even if they have to kill us to survive.

However, according to the first law, everything changes and so can you and so can your demons. Without direction there are only two paths we or these eating creatures can take, 1) they can work against you, make your life miserable, even kill you (such as cancer, the ultimate eating creature, does) or 2) they can work for you and join with you to be your teacher and move you toward enlightenment. In the Christian-Judaic context, these are what is often referred to as demons and hell, or angels and heaven.

When starting LDT these eating creatures, those negative parts of us that believe they rule us and are the causes of most of our misery, may believe that the process of LDT is trying to destroy them, to kill them, and they will say (heard through your own inner voice) or do anything to survive. This increases the turmoil and escalates the war within. Some people will drop out and choose to suffer rather than come to peace and resolve their conflicts. They often cannot accept that their immediate discomfort is really only temporary. It may be difficult for them to follow through with medical treatment or to remember to take medications, they are fear full and try to avoid surgery or special tests, or even going to doctors that could possibly help them or identify a potentially life-threatening illness.

Often these people leave most treatment before they have reached peace and harmony with their demons. They often have a multitude of reasons, some of which may be partly true, or are based in some partial fact. They may complain that they will soon run out of money. They can't afford the costs of treatment. They are scared by what they bring up. They can't afford the time. They may even return to destructive practices such as excessive use of alcohol, illegal drugs or abusing medications that dulls them down and temporarily kills their pain. Because they "fail," they lose confidence in the LDT treatment program. If something doesn't work exactly the way they thought it should work, if they do not get all of the results they require or believe they should have in the time constraints they have placed on their therapy program. In their mind the LDT program, all of it, is not working. This also often happens with psychotherapy, counseling, medical treatment and any other type of program that tests the resolve of their blocks, demons or eating creatures. This is a well known and well-understood phenomena. The reasons and excuses given, no matter the therapy program, are virtually endless. But in the end the only real reason is that the eating creatures or the negative forces within have made them so uncomfortable and created so much pain that they cannot tolerate continuing on with their therapy program.

The greatest shame is that this is usually around the time they are often just at or coming up to a major breakthrough. Sticking with the program just a little longer could often allow them to master some or all of their conflicts and move the healing process forward.

The key is that they leave because they were getting too close to their conflicts and not because they were getting nowhere as they often believe.


Do These People Come Back?

Some do. Many do not. Often individuals return days, weeks, months or even years later. Often they have continued to search by going through a host of new resources and still not getting anywhere. Sometimes they find the right help in others; sometimes what progress they have made in LDT small or great, allows them to take charge and begin the process of healing. Sometimes they find the path to healing themselves. They are very often just months or years down the path, their symptoms have progressed they have lived and suffered, they are no better off, and usually even worse.

While this may be hard to hear, it is clear to me that this is really part of their healing and growth process. They were not ready when they were first seen and they had to go through the life experience they had gone through to come back to being ready once again.

We all hear or know stories of people who never get help, the chronic alcoholic, the cancer patient who dies of their cancer, the chronic doctor shopper who can never find anyone to help them. These people are often seen as mentally ill, obsessive-compulsive, schizophrenic, mad or simply as a poor soul. Are these people capable of being helped? Often not, but sometimes, yes. No one can be helped unless they are ready to cooperate with others, themselves and be truthful and respectful of their own needs.

I am reminded of two patients long ago. One who told me that his pain was so great that the only way he could escape it was to kill himself. The other who told me that his pain had become so intolerable that he finally decided that he had to do something about it and started dealing with his demons and finally turned them into friends and helpers who, with love and kindness, turned them into his best ally.

Often we live with pain thinking that there is nothing we can do about it. Some people kill themselves so that they can survive their pain (physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual pain). Others get angry or awaken to realize that they can do something about their pain, their illness and their emptiness.

If you are reading this, then I ask you, "Do you have pain, are you suffering, are you fighting illness or symptoms that you cannot seem to resolve? What would it be worth to you to not just survive, but to actually flourish?" "What would your life be like if you resolved your inner conflicts, if you turned them into helpers, if you learned from them and bettered your life?" If your answer is that you don't know or you can't understand what we are saying, then you are not ready.

If your answer is, "Yes, I want to flourish and grow." Then you are ready. When you start and what you are willing to do are now up to you. There are many ways to grow and evolve and to help yourself. LDT may be one way you to enter into the healing process.