August 2014

LDT and Women

LDT and Women


When it comes to illness and conditions that affect the entire body, the immune system and organ systems, both men and women are affected relatively equally. Women, however, are uniquely more susceptible to a larger variety of diseases, illnesses or conditions involving their reproductive system.


Women, Illness and Life Dynamic Training (LDT)

With a basic background in Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Women's Healthcare, it would be fair to say that the very beginning of LDT was grown and labored in and around women and their medical and health issues. The roots of LDT come from a concept (discussed in several other documents in this website), called Body Symptom Language (BSL). Early in my medical career, I recognized that every physical, mental or emotional symptoms had a story to tell. Each was a clue which provided information not just about the illness, but also about the cause and underlying factors involved in that specific illness as well as the illness process itself.

My first experience was recognizing that many of my patients suffered from recurring vaginal infections. Initially, it became clear that these otherwise perfectly healthy women suffered from vaginal infections and that hygiene, infections by partners, diabetes or other illnesses were not causes, nor in most situations had they even contributed to these infections.

For several years, acting in the mode of Interventive medicine (you get sick and we will fix you medicine or standard Western medicine), I simply treated these infections. More often than would be expected, certain patients returned, their vaginal infections having recurred even after prolonged treatment, treatment of the partner and even abstinence. I remember my exact thoughts as I saw a perfectly lovely, otherwise totally healthy woman, for the fifth time in as many months. "How could this perfectly healthy woman have a recurrence of her vaginal infection, when every factor we looked at was negative?" "Could an otherwise healthy woman have a sick vagina?" "Could the vagina be sick on its own unrelated to everything in this woman's life? It was at that point that I heard my self say, "there must be something in this woman's life that is causing this, but all I know about her are the results of her physical examinations, and her laboratory diagnostic testing. I needed to know more about her and more about her life."

I then asked this woman if she would be willing to meet with me and talk and see if anything in her life could be causing her recurrent infections. She agreed and we set up an appointment to meet and subsequently spent almost two hours talking. As part of my original intake she had been given a Social History form to complete. It had what appeared initially to be a lot of questions regarding who she was, what she did for a living, where she worked, but as I later realized, it asked nothing about her personally, nothing about her relationships, her marriage nor how and what she thought about. There were few clues available from this Social History form.

Once we started talking however, it literally only took a few minutes (although we did ultimately spent several hours together, finding in parts and pieces her life story) to begin hear beneath what she was saying that she was in a very unhappy marriage, and that she and her husband hardly talked, rarely made love and were far apart on many issues. In fact, it was clear that they were on the verge of separation and divorce. As we spent time together and talked, it soon became clear that her recurrent vaginal infections were the equivalent of the old joke of, "Not tonight honey, I have headache!" She wanted nothing to do with her husband and her vaginal infections gave her a reason to keep him at a distance. After the first session I recommended to her that she and her husband seek marriage counseling.

I did not see her again for several months until her next full physical was due. When she did come in again, she was an entirely different woman. She was bright, radiant and much more relaxed and lighter. She told me that she and her husband had indeed gone into marital counseling and within two weeks both recognized that they had each moved far past the other and that they were no longer in love. They agreed to separate and my patient filed for divorce. She thanked me profusely for my help in getting her to see that her recurrent vaginal infections had been a sign of the degree of deterioration of her marriage, that she no longer wanted to be sexual with her husband, and for referring her to a marriage counselor, which she believed had saved her life.

Over the next few years, I spent more and more time talking with my patients and I began to recognize that most gynecologic problems, and even many obstetrical problems, had their basis in unresolved conflicts. I was able to help many women solve their conflicts and thereby release them from their illnesses and suffering. Conditions such as breast pain, PMS, swelling in extremities often responded to even very minor dietary modifications. Conditions such as vaginal infection, irregular menstrual periods, intramenstrual bleeding which in the past had required use of medication were now resolved without medication and often offered a wellspring of information regarding unresolved conflicts which helped many women to repair or resolve long-standing problems and unresolved conflicts in their life. Other conditions such as pelvic pain, fibroid tumors, abnormal pap smears and much more that had previously required invasive medical procedures or surgery, could now be repaired or reversed simply by finding the unresolved conflicts that either caused or potentiated them, and resolving them. It wasn't too long before I began to realize that these same procedures could be applied in a more proactive form to obstetrical patients for preventing long painful labors, pre-eclampsia, back pain, recurrent abdominal pains, nervousness and much more, hence conflict resolution not only decreased the need for C-sections, but also insured more healthy vibrant mothers and babies.

Unfortunately however, referring patients to marriage and family counselors, psychologists and even psychiatrists, while being excellent resources, did not always work. Too often these practitioners were not sufficiently skilled in dealing with physical conditions and the relationship between underlying conflicts and problems and the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems they created. This did not allow for consistent and complete results and resolution of the medical problems. Also, with no negativity implied, too many of these therapists were geared to work for long periods of time, often years, with clients while many of the medical problems I was dealing with required much more rapid resolution.

In recent years, Lisa and I, have worked with increasing numbers of women with conditions such as endometriosis, adenomyosis, breast lumps, breast cancer and cancers of various types. Results are mixed. Results are best the earlier the client is treated, the longer their illness or problem has existed the harder it is to get complete reversal and prevent the need for surgical resolution.

As always our results often depend greatly on the willingness of our clients to do everything necessary to find and resolve their unresolved conflicts. Often resistance keeps clients from being willing to do some or all of what is needed to get optimal results.

While most illnesses have multiple underlying contributing factors, such as diet, personal hygiene, or mental state, diseases of the reproductive system in women and men are often directly tied to conflicts regarding reproductive goals and choices, the partners they have chosen, their own morality, unfulfilled goals and directions and their disappointments. This is true for both women and men, relationship issues are major problem for women where reproduction, femininity and individuality are all bound together intimately to create who and what they are as women, mothers and partners. When there is an unresolved conflict in these areas, the reproductive system can ultimately be affected.

Female, gynecologic, conditions, however, generally respond very well to LDT and with a willing and motivated client we have we have had reversals and even complete healing of many of the conditions discussed above.

If you have a gynecologic condition and wish help contact us and we will set up an interview to see if we can help you.