August 2014

LDT and Your Lifestyle

LDT and Your Lifestyle


Discussions about lifestyles are often trivialized by talking about whether you smoke, drink, diet or exercise. How we live our life is much more meaningful than this. Any discussion of your lifestyle is really talking about you, the decisions you have made, what your life and well-being is worth to you and the positive and negative forces operating on you.

Certainly, we are aware that most people would immediately take offense. "My life style is not important," some might say. While others would immediately reply, "You're making a mountain out of a mole hill." "My lifestyle is just things I do right, it means nothing at all about me," others might say.

The truth however, is that like your finger prints, your blood pressure, or you heart rhythm. Your life style tells a great deal about you. True, a lifestyle is not always permanent. Sometimes it represents exploration, bad decisions, or simply can be misunderstood by others observing us.

If you are really willing to expand your horizons, then it will soon become reasonably clear, that a lifestyle is the sum total of everything we think, the decisions we make, our beliefs, the lies and truths we tell our self and then live by. Our lifestyle is not just what we do, but also why we do what we do and why we don't do other things. Your lifestyle is not only what you do and what you believe but also the reasons you choose to do or not do these things. Also what you give up and what you get for having them in your life.

Your lifestyle also includes the pictures you create and plans you make and the way you think about yourself and life. Lifestyle is how you feel when you do not get what you want and when you do get what you want. In our section on stress we tell you that stress is the difference between what you want out of life and what you get in life. The greater the difference between the way you want your world to be and the way the world actually is, are the stressors of your life.

From the time you get up in the morning until you go to bed at night, in your sleep, in your dreams and your imagination, all of these are your lifestyle. In our section on Huna we talk about reaching for and finding your Highest and Best Self. When you reach for this goal, you live your life style, when you surrender to destructive behaviors, by living dangerously, or have addictions you give up your self. When you give up your true self and live in guilt or with anger, rage or fear you undermine your healthy self. The same is true when you accept external negative beliefs and live with the feelings or beliefs that you have sinned and there is no way out.

This is when unhappiness occurs. This is when lifestyle becomes a burden and the negative aspects will begin to destroy you. Negative lifestyle behaviors quickly transform life wishes into death wishes. When we smoke, use drugs, have affairs, steal, lie, cheat, ask for sickness, or stress ourselves out, when we do things that are harmful to our self and others, these are death wishes.

Death wishes lie at the base of almost all illness. It is these death wishes that LDT must find and eliminate.