August 2014

LDT Young and Old

LDT, Working With Young and Old



The criteria for taking a patient into LDT are not rigid. Rather it is based on working with the types of problems in which we get the very best results.


Young People

While young people especially the very young would appear at first thought to be the ones who would most benefit from LDT this is not always the case. It seems that in order to benefit the most from LDT one needs a certain level of maturity and an amount of life experience. Trying to explain or help an immature person by explaining what kinds of problems and/or issues he or she should most be interested in preventing is often difficult at very best.

It may take someone with much more skill or specializing in working with the young mind. Hence, I stay away from children entirely. On occasion I have had the opportunity to work with young people 16 years or older who are considered more mature for their age. Usually however, I find that the youngest people I do the best with must be at least 18 to 20 years of age.


Working with the Elderly

Have you ever watched older people who are very unhappy or even angry? So very frustrated? Where their life seems to be an almost continuous torment, or living hell? This is not caused by old age, but it is a sign of many unresolved conflicts. Conflicts that have overwhelmed, confounded, confused and taken over the person. Thus, draining away the goodness of their life. They have made this person's life a cacophony of aches, pains, anger, shame, guilt, unresolved fears and frustrations. They endure more suffering than they really should. They endure more suffering than is normal or necessary.

This only occurs because they have chosen to ignore their negative emotions, physical signs and symptoms, moral and spiritual conflicts. All that they ever needed to do was to deal with these issues productively. Hence, converting their lifetime of negative ways to positive feelings, thoughts and actions.

We have all seen the happy, contented, wizened grand parent, charming and alive to the last day of their life. These people have lived life dealing with and solving their conflicts and life issues. While all of their personal conflicts may not have been completely resolved, they were all dealt with sufficiently so as not leave a negative residue.


Who Get the Very Best Results?

The very best results are achieved by individuals no matter their age, want to make a difference in their own life. Illness may or may not be an issue. Sometimes the individual is far enough along the path to realize what must be done, but is looking for a teacher or guide who can help them with moving along faster and more easily.

Other times the individual is caught up in a life-threatening illness, such as cancer, autoimmune disease emotional conflict, spiritual conflict, or Stress-Related disorders. They know, or are able to recognize to some degree that there are too many lies, faulty belief systems, anger, bad habits, suicidal behaviors, guilt, shame, conflict, or relationship problems in their life. They recognize that the sweetness of life is either gone or rapidly draining away.

They want more from life and either cannot find it or do not know where to look for it. They know change is needed and they are ready if only they had some help.

Often patients are either referred to us or brought into us by parents, employers, or really good friends. This does not mean, however, because they come that they are ready. There is a place within each person that only he or she knows. Sometimes they are not sure that they want assistance, so we just start and watch where it goes.

The optimal client says in one way or another, "It is time to change!" or "I'm sick and I need to get myself well again!" They are taking responsibility and looking to take action. Others are at a very desperate point in life and are ready to do everything possible to return to complete good health and well-being.