August 2014

Need LDT

How Do You Know Whether You Need LDT?


This has always been a difficult question to answer. It seems every day I get new answers to this question. As people present themselves for help, I find that each person has his or her own reason for wanting or needing help. Sometimes the reasons are extremely vague. Reasons such as, "I think there is something wrong in my life." "I feel restless." "I'm so unhappy." "I feel sick." Or the reason may be clear as a bell, "I have cancer, and I don't want to die!"

In one sense we could begin by looking at who doesn't need LDT. If you are perfectly healthy. If you are emotionally, mentally, spiritually healthy and productive in your life. If you feel positive and are reaching for and gaining on your potential, you probably don't need LDT. Yet, on the other hand, occasionally someone will come in and describe them as having no problems but telling us that in fact what they need is to fine tune their successes.

Some of the more common reasons people come for help are the following:

  • Acute or chronic illnesses: Such as allergies, autoimmune diseases, cancer, stomach or intestinal problems, muscular-skeletal problems, heart
       disease, kidney, bladder, and prostate problems.
  • Female problems of all sort are quite common. They often include problems such as: PMS, menopause, hormonal dysfunctions, dysfunctional
        uterine bleeding, fibroid tumors, ovarian cysts, pelvic pain, adenomyosis, endometriosis, pain during intercourse, recurrent vaginal infections,
        breast disease, breast pain, because of fear of breast cancer, or looking for prevention of breast cancer.
  • Endocrine problems are another area commonly seen especially individuals who have difficulty controlling diabetes, thyroid imbalances, obesity
        and premature aging.
  • Pain, chronic pain involving head aches, neck, upper and lower back, spinal and muscular are also common problems we see.
  • Emotional problems stemming from difficulty controlling anger or uncontrollable rage, hatred, jealousy or envy, persistent frustration,
        and chronic confusion are the most common complaints in this group.
  • Dysphoric problems including: Unhappiness, sadness, depression, anxiety and/or panic disorders.
  • Not being successful, fear of being successful, and inability to accomplish goals.
  • Bad marriages, relationship problems, problems within a family, problems with friends, at work, or marital problems leading to a divorce.
  • Difficulty making decisions.
  • Chronic fatigue.
  • Vague and untreatable symptoms of all sort (see Stress-Related Disorders, SRD's discussion)
  • Spiritual conflict
  • Problems with children, child rearing, behavioral outbursts, hyperactivity
  • History of abuse (physical, mental or spiritual), physical attack, molestation, rape or other traumatic occurrences
  • Fear of death
  • Chronic pain
  • Difficulty getting along with others

    Most people we see are already sick. Most already have been seen by their medical doctor and either are not getting better, or have an intuition that medical treatments are not what they really need. Often clients tell us that they were disappointed with their doctor because of their lack of being able to make a clear diagnosis. As well as because medications prescribed has failed to work for them, or the numerous side effects as a result of the treatment. After much time many of these clients begin looking toward alternative medicine only to recognize, thousands of dollars later, that their alternative practitioners had no better answer for them than their medical doctors. Many people would really like a greater say and decision making process in their healing process.

    While many of the clients we see have been looking for answers and solutions all along, most have instinctively, because of their lack of results in finding help, recognized that they were simply turning over stones looking for help, but could not find it. The answers, we tell them are not in what the practitioner does or says, but rather inside of themselves. If they go to a practitioner to do something for them or to them, they will be disappointed. Yes, some people may experience temporary success. Yes, symptoms may be improved or even relieved for a while. But the underlying cause, the unresolved conflicts are neither approached nor resolved. As many of these people have found out, they only get temporary relief. Later the symptoms will likely return often increased in strength, frequency and even severity.

    Very often these "doctor shoppers" are the classic type of people best helped by LDT. This is especially true of the person who is repeatedly told that all of their tests are normal and there is no indication of a severe life-threatening disease. Even those people who are told that their problems are all in their head, or that it may have a psychological cause. Even when the diagnosis of depression, anxiety, stress, post-traumatic stress, panic disorder or when such conditions are made by a qualified psychiatrist, or psychologist and treatment is prescribed and used correctly full and complete relief still may not come.

    I want to re-stress once again that you do not have to be sick to get full benefit from LDT. LDT is also for the totally healthy person who is on their path to spiritual and/or physical, mental, and emotional wellness. It is for anyone who wants to better them self. LDT is also an extremely valuable tool for prevention of future illness, for treating symptoms that are worsening toward illness and for helping to resolve issues that block success. In the Eastern world the LDT therapist might have been thought of as the teacher, or guru. Today, however, these words are tainted with illusions of eastern potentates, Rolls Royce driving scammers and TV evangelists. None of these are even close to the LDT therapist who is a dedicated healer, using ancient and modern wisdom to help their clients have increased quality of health and life.

    The teacher in this case is neither to be revered nor idealized. The LDT therapist is just a facilitator who can help you understand the way your inner self, how your mind and body work in helping you to solve the problems that injure, undermine or sabotage your life and your well-being.