August 2014

The Benefits of LDT

The Benefits of LDT


LDT Can Help You:

  • Find your true, healthy self
  • Resolve anger and rage
  • Eliminate or significantly reduce guilt, shame, hurt, confusion and frustration
  • Reduce or eliminate unhappiness, sadness, depression
  • Learn to control or even eliminate, nervousness, tension, anxiety and panic attacks
  • Make more appropriate and more wholesome decisions
  • Improve your relationship with friends, coworkers, people of the same or opposite sex, children, wife or husband, parents
  • Become more sure of yourself, more self-confident, more alive
  • Improve your relationship with your spiritual self and with your God

    As A Result:

  • Life will mean more
  • You will mean more to yourself
  • People will like you more
  • Your life will be more full, more calm, more interesting and more worthwhile

  • You Can Finally:

  • Be the person you have always wanted to be
  • Attain the goals you have always wanted to attain during your life time
  • Be less lonely, bored or unhappy
  • Improve your relationship with yourself
  • Begin to understanding the secrets of life
  • Reach spiritual fulfillment
  • Move closer to and even find your highest and best self
  • Like your real self