August 2014

The Dynamics of LDT

The Dynamics of LDT


Life Dynamic Training is a sophisticated system of learning how to extinguish destructive or damaging internal life programs that cause conflict and discomfort in our life.

From the moment of conception we learn and create internal programs that help us survive. Since survival is the most important goal we have, everything we see, think, hear or feel, every experience that happens to us, around us, directly or indirectly becomes a learning experience.

While many of these learning experiences are positive and help us in some way with our survival, others are negative and even destructive. Especially when we are young we directly or indirectly experience trauma or negative events. These events may not only make lasting impressions on us, but they may also change our life and influence decisions we make. Because these events are often inflicted on us by people we love, or feel that we should love, or people who have some sort of power over us (parents, teachers, relatives, etc.), we tend to give these situations much more power over us than they may actually deserve. When the events are hurtful and come from anger or rage, or maliciousness, they can traumatize us so deeply that the scars are difficult, and sometimes even impossible to heal.

Events such as rejection by a parent, teacher or boss, abuse or molestation by a family member, attack or rape by someone who overpowers us, family anger or secrets or even a tragic event can knowingly or unknowingly all have long lasting affect on our self image, our ability to make decisions, our every thought, our every action and even our will to live.

These types of events and the emotional power they may hold over us can influence us in ways that can both work for us and against us. While they can strengthen our character and our solve to be successful, they can however, also undermine literally every decision we make and force us to suffer pain, frustration, anger, feelings of helplessness and even rage. They can sabotage us from having everything we might normally be able to obtain if they had not existed.

The only clue we may have to these unresolved blocks and conflicts are our lack of happiness and joy in our life, or an illness, or dissatisfaction with the way others treat us. More often than not, because these forces have been acting on us since childhood, we have long ago learned to internalize these clues, by telling ourselves, "Something must be wrong with me." "I must be bad," "I must be unlovable," "SOMETHING MUST BE WRONG WITH ME."

Through an interesting process, discussed in other areas of this web site, these same experiences can ultimately become the seeds of future illness. These experiences and the negative thinking they cause can undermine our immune system and cause physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conflict and problems which can mature into illness and even chronic disease and premature death.

Most often these problems are generated by the conflict that arises between the healthy parts of our self that want us to be well and the less healthy parts of our self that are confused and traumatized. These conflicted sides of our self cannot overcome the power that prior negative trauma has had on them. The healthy part of us, our body-mind-emotional-spiritual wisdom, wants resolution over these conflicts and the conflicted parts of us. These hurt parts simply want to survive. As these two implacable forces often go to war with each other, each wants to win, each for its own reasons.

Our healthy side knows that physical-mental-emotional and spiritual health is the best way not just to survive, but to flourish and reach for and find our highest and best self. This is the most honored mandate of the Intelligent Universe we live in.

On the other hand, the injured and traumatized side of us also wants to win. (This is likened to the "dark side of the force" as it is portrayed in Star Wars.) It believes that it has the right to win, no matter the cost to you. The damaged, hurt parts of us will do anything, say anything, and believe anything in order to win. They too, being a living breathing entity (as part of us), want to survive and will do anything to survive. This includes even killing us in the process.

If these negative forces are operating within you, you already know it and LDT can help you. You know it because:

  • You are not reaching your potential.
  • You are unhappy in your life.
  • You are becoming ill, or may already have a serious, even life-threatening illness or illnesses.
  • You suffer from Stress-Related Disorders (see this section).
  • You may suffer from anxiety, panic disorders, depression, chronic fatigue, sadness.
  • Your relationships are often a problem and you may not be feeling loved, appreciated or desired.
  • Life seems to be missing something and while others are enjoying life you are not.
  • You may drink too much, smoke even when you know it is dangerous, compulsively gamble, use illicit drugs or even take chances that you have
        no idea why you are taking them.
  • In short, something is wrong, you know it, but do not know what to do about it.

  • Do You Have to Have a Problem to Use LDT?


    LDT Can Be Used by:

  • Anyone who wants to make their life better, and improve their chances of survival and success.
  • Anyone who is on the Path to spiritual enlightenment and awakening can use LDT to remove those blocks that have been slowing them down
        so they can move more joyfully through life.
  • Anyone who wants to better their quality and appreciation of life

  • How Does LDT Make Living Life Better?

  • As we free our self from the negative forces which act on us, we have more energy, more capacity and more physical, mental, emotional and
        spiritual reserve to use in pursuing our life goals.
  • Negative energy diminishes our capacity to function optimally. Eliminating or reducing negative energy frees us up to function more efficiently
        and effectively.
  • The battle between the positive and negative forces within us is costly. It often leads to illness, bad habits, stress, anxiety, tension, fear, shame,
        guilt and anger when these are reduced or eliminated life is simpler and less conflicted, our energy and focus is freed up for positive goals.