August 2014

Prescription Vs. Natural Treatments

Comparison of Prescription Vs. Natural Treatments for Elevated Cholesterol


There are many products available both prescription and nonprescription products which are used for lowering cholesterol and blood lipid levels. How does one chose.

The medical profession believes that prescription products are the only way to go, however, many people are concerned about the risks and costs of these prescriptive products. Can nonprescription, natural supplemental products get the same results? Are they better or worse?

The answers to these questions and almost all the other questions you might have are based on three criteria:

  1. The results you get when you use them.
  2. The risks, side effects and hazards of using them
  3. The cost of using them.

In the following Table we look at these factors. Unfortunately the only way to tell about their ability to lower cholesterol and blood lipids is to use them and see how they work. In our experience both types of products do work and for the most part fairly well, so for us it is the other factors that will likely swing the balance.

If you read carefully the Product Information sheets that come with all of the prescription products you will note that all of them suggest using diet and nonprescription programs first, before going to prescription products. We agree and recommend the same approach.

Pharmaceutical Drugs

Natural Alternative

Specific Products


Nicotinic Acid
Niaspan ER
Questran and Questran Light


Specific Products

There are a number of excellent products available through your local health food stores.


Effective in lowering cholesterol No other benefits


If you purchase a combination product you can not only lower your cholesterol but:

  Many products have vitamins and minerals such as: chromium, magnesium, calcium, and B-vitamins as well as many other important trace nutrients, where as the prescription products have no nutrient value at all (except Niacin).

  Additional fiber reduces the risks of colon cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer.

  Can lower elevated triglycerides and reverse hypertension.

  Weight Reduction and Weight Management

  Many products not only can reduce blood cholesterol but they can in some cases reverse atherosclerosis, treat heart failure, irregular heart beat, revitalize heart muscle tissues.

  Many products contain a full spectrum of antioxidants


Side Effects

  Liver Dysfunction


  Muscle Pain



  Chest Pain


  Black Stools/Rectal Pain


  Heart Problems


  Intestinal Problems


Side Effects

  Initial mild gas



  Weight Loss (Often considered to be a highly positive occurrence.)

Required Follow Up

  6 to 8 Office visits per Year

  Continuous Laboratory testing every 6 to 8 weeks (i.e. checking for elevated liver enzymes.)


Required Follow Up

  Recheck Cholesterol once or twice per year.

Cost (Either To Patient or
Medical Plan)

  Laboratory testing every 6-8 weeks.

  Office visits 6 to 8 per year.

Cost (Either To Patient or Medical Plan)

1. Laboratory testing - Cholesterol only - Once or twice per year.

2. Office visits 1 or 2 per year.