August 2014




Talking about lifestyle is like talking about your universe. While lifestyle is often trivialized by thinking of it as whether you smoke, drink or exercise, however, it is really much more than this.

If you are willing to expand your horizon, than your lifestyle is everything you think, the decisions you make, your beliefs, the lies and truths you understand, tell and live by. It is not only what you do but why you do it and what you do not do. It is not only about your friends but about the reasons you chose them and what you give up and get for having them in your life.

It is about the pictures you create in planning and thinking about your life, it is about how you feel when you do not get what you want and when you do get what you want. In our section on stress we tell you that stress is the difference between what you want out of life and what you get in life. The greater the difference between the way you want your world to be and the way the world actually is, the stresses of your life.

From when you get up in the morning until you go to bed at night, in your sleep, in your dreams and your imagination all of these are your lifestyle. In our section on Huna we talk about reaching for and finding your highest and best self. When you reach for it, you live your life style, when you surrender and work for money, parents, society, your boss or any other reason you give up you and live in their idea of what your lifestyle should be. When you give up your true self and live in guilt or with anger, rage or fear you give up your true godly self. The same is true when you accept external negative beliefs and live with the feeling that you have sinned.

This is when unhappiness occurs. This is when lifestyle becomes a burden and we begin to destroy ourselves. This is when we begin to transform life wishes, into death wishes. We smoke, use drugs, have affairs, steal, lie, cheat, ask for sickness, stress our selves out, when we do things that are harmful to ourselves and others these are death wishes.

In our section on Prevention we will cover these topics to a greater degree. In this section we will simply notify you that the more love and caring you have in your life, the more positive your lifestyle the healthier and happier you will be. Everything else leads to a broken heart.