August 2014

PMS & Diet

PMS, You, Your Family and Their Diet


If you have read through some of our other documents, it should be quite clear by now, that we believe that PMS is caused by a faulty diet. That some foods are eaten in excess and other important foods and nutrients are deficient in the PMS woman's diet.

While we have spent a great deal of time discussing the effects of this faulty diet in causing PMS and the problems that this presents to the PMS woman herself, we have not at all discussed the effects of the diet she eats, and probably prepares for her family, and how this affects her family.

While not all men and children eat exactly the same foods as their wife or mother, however, there is likely to be a fair amount of cross over. It is possible that many husbands and children of PMS women also eat meals that are in many ways similar to what causes PMS. This is likely to be true whether the family eats all of their meals at home or whether they eat away from the home. Families tend to learn from each other, have similar likes and dislikes and hence it is often true that all of the members of the family they like and eat foods both different from and similar too, what the PMS woman eats.

It is also possible that they may even dislike foods some or all of the foods that she eats. However, it is more than likely that the PMS woman's family eats much the same diet she eats. The same diet that caused her to suffer from PMS.

It would also be fair to say knowing what people generally eat in our society, what we like to refer to as, "the Great American Diet" that most men and children eat a diet which is high in calcium, high in sugar, high in fat, high in salt and low in magnesium, fiber and other healthful nutrients including essential vitamins and minerals. This is basically the overall diet of the American people.

While PMS often manifest fairly blatant symptoms, which in the end are caused by this deficient diet, there are many more symptoms which often go unrecognized until it is much too late. The same diet that causes PMS in women also leads to heart disease, heart attack and stroke in men (and post menopausal women), obesity in men, women and children and a multiplicity of symptoms such as angina pectoris, arthritis, bowel cancer, peptic ulcers, anxiety, stress, hyperactive children, low blood sugar, diabetes and hypertension to mention only a very few. (See or section on Heart Disease, Stroke and Diet.)

You already know that heart disease is linked to diet (and stress) you may even have heard that heart disease could be prevented by proper diet. One of the foremost leaders in this area was Nathan Pritikin, founder of the Pritikin Diet. He was diagnosed at one point with having severe obstructive arteriosclerotic heart disease. He was given only months to live. However, he was unwilling to accept this so he started out on his own to find a dietary treatment to reverse heart disease. More than twenty years later, after he died of an entirely different reason than heart disease, his autopsy revealed that his coronary arteries were entirely clear of cholesterol deposits - arteriosclerosis.

In 1981, I (Dr. Allen Lawrence) had the opportunity to meet with Nathan Pritikin. At that time we compared the diet we were suggesting for the elimination of PMS with the Pritikin diet and then subsequently discuss both diets with Mr. Pritikin. It was immediately clear that our PMS diet fit closely the guidelines for Mr. Pritikin's program of prevention of heart disease. When I asked Mr. Pritikin if he realize that his Pritikin Diet was a high magnesium diet Mr. Pritikin answered that while he had never thought of it in that way, he concurred that it was indeed a high magnesium and low calcium diet and that this was essential for preventing heart disease along with also being low in fat and high in fiber.

Recently, when author Robert Kowalski published the 8 Day Heart Disease Prevention Diet book I had the opportunity to read and discuss Mr. Kowalski's dietary program with him many months before this best seller was published. Once again it is clear that the basis of Mr. Kowalski's book is a diet high vitamin B6, niacin (a B vitamin), high fiber and high in magnesium. It was also low fat and low calcium.

Studies of thousands of autopsies on young men killed in both the Korean and Viet Nam wars and after non-war related trauma, have demonstrated that most young men by the time they have reached 19 to 22 years of age have anywhere from 70 to 95% occlusion of their coronary arteries by cholesterol deposits. Cholesterol can be substantially reduced in a low fat diet. While the deposition of cholesterol in arteries and veins is apparently not directly elated to dietary calcium, a high level of circulating calcium may increase the possibility of precipitating the salt, calcium-cholesterol (plaque) which further hardens the arteriosclerotic deposits which cause arteriosclerotic heart disease and stroke.

High levels of circulating magnesium and B6 appear to reverse this process. When the same diet which we recommend for women to reverse their PMS is feed to men and is associated with a low fat (low cholesterol), high fiber diet it has been clearly demonstrated that it can reverse heart disease entirely.

The anti-PMS diet that we offer in our book, Special Report: A Doctor's Proven Nutritional Program to Conquering PMS, will not only eliminate your PMS, but if served to your entire family it will also substantially lower your risk and their risks and hazards of developing arteriosclerotic heart disease and stroke.

In this day and age no man, woman or child should be eating anything less than a diet of whole fresh foods which are high in magnesium, high in vitamins and minerals (especially, vitamin B6 and other B vitamins, selenium, chromium and zinc). For best results in preventing heart disease and stroke our diet should be supplemented with 15-20 minutes a day exposure to sun light to stimulate production of vitamin D. Since our diet is low in fat, we strongly suggest supplements of the fat-soluble vitamins: A, D, E and K.

It is possible that when our diet is the main diet of the entire family that their risk of coronary artery disease, heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure and many other symptoms and diseases which are nutritionally related will be significantly eliminated. When started early this healthful diet can be beneficial to every member of your family.