August 2014

Work Wiser

How To Work Wiser and Get More Out of Your Life



In our sections on Stress, Stress-Related Disorders and Wellness and Prevention we strongly suggested that harmony and balance are extremely important to our health and well-being as individuals and as a family. One of the most common causes of stress and illness is the work we do.

Whether we work for yourself or others it is essential that the work we do supports in many ways. Certainly how it supports us financially is important but there are a number of other ways work must support us.

  • It must make us feel better about yourself.
  • We must enjoy it, at least enough to make it worthwhile doing.
  • It should add to us in some way (other than just financially).
  • It should create a sense of growth.
  • It should allow us to solve more problems than we create.
  • It should challenge us.
  • It must make us feel good about ourselves.
  • The people we work with should in the whole be supportive of us as people.
  • We should generally like the people we work with.
  • It helps if we can get up in the morning and enjoy the thought that we are going to work.
  • It should support our family's needs.
        ο  It should not take us away from our family more than is reasonable. 
        ο  The people and work should be aware that we have a family and consider their needs
       ο  Our family should get us back at the end of the day ready to support the household and having
            energy to give to the family and our household.

    These are just of the few ways our work and the job we do should support our overall well-being.


    Our Work Should Make Us Healthier

    In its most simplest form, any job that does not help us to be well is a bad job.

    If you are working at a job that does not support you then you should consider the following:

    1. You should begin immediately to work at bettering your circumstances.
    2. You should strive in every way to improve your work situation.


    If you cannot do these things then:

    1. Consider changing jobs
    2. Consider doing the kind of work you always have wanted to do.
    3. If you have a hobby which you enjoy consider turning that into your form of income.
    4. Consider working for yourself.


    Here is some very important things to consider:

    1. Do not just quite your job unless you have given this decision considerable thought.
    2. If you recognize that you must quite then start looking for a job immediately.
    3. Consider Career Counseling if you do not know exactly what you want to do.
    4. Look though the Sunday newspapers in your area, send out resumes to any or all job offers that you would consider.
    5. When you go out on interviews make sure that your interviews are after normal working hours, in other words do not lose time from your present job, this is never a good idea unless you are sick.
    6. Generally it is unwise to tell you present employer that you are prospecting for a new job until you have had an offer and can give your notice.
    7. Consider starting a home business, one that you can do on a part time basis without quitting immediately. Then you can build up and income and when you are ready to quit you will already have an income to replace what your present job has provided.


    Whatever you do, do it smart. Think before you burn your bridges. It would not be smart to make more problems for yourself as this will create more stress and in the long run can be injurious to your health and well-being.