August 2014

Modular Workshop Programs

Metmorphosis Modular Workshop Programs

These modular workshop programs are designed to work with and add depth to our basic dietary and educational programs. The idea is that no one can give you everything you need in any one program and possibly much of what any program may cover you may not need or want. Rather than load every participant up with unlimited information spending limitless time and energy, we offer much like you college modular courses in those areas you want or believe you may need.

Participating in a basic program is not required to be enrolled in any of our modular courses. Enrolling in one or our basic programs does not then require that you sign up or participate in any modular workshop. While not entirely mutually exclusive they are designed to add to each other.

Our modular series of workshops are based on topics such as:

  • Exercise, General Principles
  • Self-Image, Self-Love (Loving Both the Old and the New You)
  • Blocks, Obstructions and Strategies for Success
  • Eating Out, Strategies for Getting Exactly What You Want
  • Travel and Stay on Your Diet
  • Cooking Low Calorie
  • Cooking Low Fat
  • Problem Solving
  • Will Power, Life Direction and Commitment
  • Food and Sexuality
  • Yoga
  • Dealing with Depression, Natural Solutions
  • Journaling for Health (Foods and Moods)
  • Stress, Anger, and Conflict
  • Stress Management and Survival Techniques ---- To Go To Our Section on Stress, click here.
  • Mastering Anxiety Management
  • Mastering Panic Attacks

  • Look for this list to increase as our clients needs increase.

    These workshops are held in groups of 3 to 4 and generally cost $35.00 per 1 hour session. Some workshops last longer, up to 2 hours, and these workshops cost $50.00 per each session.